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Fancy an enormous mulberry leaf of the Peloponnese peninsula, the southern part of the Balkans, dotted with luxurious hotels and vivid with bright colours of its wild untapped nature, which juts out into the silk warm water of the Mediterranean. Doesn’t this juicy image invite you to spend holidays in the Country of Gods? If it does, you can find all the necessary information about gold-sand Greece beaches or traveling around the islands as well as booking hotel suits and other details in the catalogue arranged on our website. As an excellent place for tourism, the Peloponnese accords an inquisitive mind a hearty welcome and a great insight into the diversity of the Greek culture.
The peninsula of Peloponnese itself can’t supply you with huge resorts and plenty of restaurants or bars yet. Still there is a pretty great deal of hotels and hostels to any taste and budget to choose from, supplemented with grand flawless beaches.
The Peloponnese blows upon us the rustle of sea waves, the grandeur of the mountains, the scent of vines and citrus groves. The heights of chains and depths of ravines are substituted at times for vast fertile valleys fringed with olive trees on steep hills’ slopes. Discover the beauty of vista and the mystery of historic places: the ancient Venetian fortresses, the medieval castles, then the mountain cloisters and the old ruined churches. Here, such great cities as Mycenae, Tiryns, Pylos and Sparta attained their heydays.
One of the few unimpaired areas in the world remains in Greece and keeps its life as leisurely as it’s been for ages, even though some sights keep drawing millions of tourists. Hospitality isn’t just a word here. It is dignity, a tradition, a lifestyle.
There are all facilities for comfortable life here. You won’t regret if you decide to come and to rest here on the Peloponnese.
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